10 April Fool Pranks Gone Wrong | Horribly Funny Pranks

April Fool Day is all about playing pranks and pulling jokes on friends. But what happens when a well planned prank gone wrong? Yeah, the April fool day is coming this week and we have decided to share our top 10 most funny pranks at the same time some horrible April Fool Pranks that goes wrong. Enjoy these pranks and share then with your friends. Any ideas of improvisations are welcomed. Comment, share and like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Get more stuff and ideas on April fool day celebration 2015, check out the links below to know more about whats going around on this April Fools. Don’t Forget to share [10 April Fool Pranks Gone Wrong | Horribly Funny Pranks] Your Prank Ideas and Plans on this fools day . Enjoy….

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10 April Fool Pranks Gone Wrong  Horribly Funny Pranks

10 April Fool Pranks Gone Wrong


April Fool Pranks Gone Wrong

A hood prank gone wrong, the guy take off his gun to shoot his own friend. Check it out…

April Fool Prank on Mom Gone Wrong: This guy simply tells his mother about his addition of drugs and see what happens next!!! Mom goes absolutely out of control.

April Fool Prank With Roommate Goes Wrong:- Never try to play pranks which involves risks of laptop damage. Otherwise Karma gonna play his part. Check this out to know what I Mean!!!

April Fool Prank on Mom Gone Wrong Again: The same mom and the same son but this he brings out his fake kid and a fake wife. LMFAO

Another Prank on Streets with Strangers Gone Wrong:- Ever piss on your socks for warmth!!!!!

Wrap Up the Whole Car Prank Goes Wrong and Niggaz came out from nowhere!!!!!

April Fools Prank By Students to Professor in Classroom:- OK, I’m Pregnant. My child first name will be “April” and second name “Fools”.

Warning: Do not Watch this if you’re below 18: April Fool Prank Goes Extremely, Horribly wrong when a girl hit by a car and dead on spot.

This Prank doesn’t Goes Wrong: Just a spoof on April Fools… Shooting …….DIE….

 April Fool Pranks Gone Gross: Faking Poop and everything goes wrong, funny, and hilarious.

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Updated: March 30, 2015 — 7:01 am

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