15 Aug Independence Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi

Preparing for Independence Day Ceremony at your school or collage? This time we have came up with 15th August Independence Day Anchoring script for students to host the ceremony at your school and collage. For now, we have only provided the script in English language only but you can also request a Hindi anchor script through our commenting section. We will deliver speech ideas, scripts PDF, with important tips in your mailbox directly. Hosting a  Independence day function at your school could be difficult task for you, that’s why here we have provided 15th August Independence Day Anchoring Script in English and Program Hosting Ideas.

Important Tips For Anchoring:-

  1. Use your voice, facial expressions and gestures to create a consistent anchor.
  2. Specify spots where you’ll stand on the stage you have Pre-planned as a specific anchor.
  3. Rehearse your speech in front of just one friend or family.
  4. Do some research about India’s independence Day history and collect some facts to brush your knowledge bank while anchoring.
  5. Adjustment and speech timings with your Co-Host is also very important. It is advised to rehearse for the anchoring along with your co-host.


Independence Day Anchoring Script English-Hindi

INTRODUCTION (On Stage Ceremony Start Up…)
करो कुछ ऐसा की देश का सम्मान बढ़ जाए,
मरो तो ऐसा की तिरंगे की शान बढ़ जाए|
भरो पिचकारी ऐसे तीन रंगो की,
जब कपड़ों पर पड़े तो हिन्दुस्तान बन जाए||
Anchor 1: Good afternoon everyone. The galaxy of intellectuals, esteemed directors, invited guests, teachers and our lovely students..How different is this evening., you will yourself discover as the tricolors of this Independence day unfold….
Anchor 2: So, Here we are ..All together…as a school/collage (Whatever applicable) to mark another landmark of success in the history of one of the leading group of school/colleges OF (Enter Location Here)…We are here to celebrate our 69th Independence Day Function on this 15th August 2015.
I —[Name of Anchor 1]——– and I ——[Name of Anchor 2]——- welcomes you all on behalf of the entire school family.
Anchor 1: Baat Yeh Hawaaon Ko Bataaye Rakhna
Jahaan Roshan Hoga, Diye Jalaaye Rakhna
Ki Hai Hifaazat Lahoo Dekar Jiski Humne
Mann Mein Sada Uss Tirange Ko Basaaye Rakhna
Jai Bharat! Jai Hindustaan!

Anchor 2: The theme of Vibration is the concept of vibrating the creative imagination and acts of the whole set of talented {Name of School Goes Here} Students
Anchor 1: The vision of 69th Independence Day has once again given the students a wee idea of refinement it automatically brings. It’s a day of absolute unadulterated portrayal of talent and vigor, the endpoint of ONE ‘S wandering.
Anchor 2: This is a platform to synchronize with our vision about development of complete persona that is a preferable choice in the competitive professional environment.
Anchor 1:: Also we express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors (if applicable any………) without who’s contribution, this event couldn’t have been possible….
Anchor 1:-“Shrii Saraswatii Namahstubhyam Varade Kaama Ruupini
Twaam Aham Praarthane Devii Vidyaadaanam Cha Dehi Me”

(Translation:- Mother, we pray for your blessings with all humility – give us wisdom to make this world a better place.

Now, we will have our traditional auspicious LAMP-LIGHTENING ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge.
Anchor 2: For this we would like to invite our esteemed chief guests……………..,.[Names of Chief Guests Goes Here] Principals and vice principals on stage for lighting of lamp.
Thank you everyone….

Anchor 2: DANCE is the most beautiful form of expression of human’s feelings. Dancers are the messengers of the gods. ~Martha Graham
Anchor 1: Today we are about to witness some great dances..Some great talent..so let’s gear up for a beautiful start of the show.
Goddess Durga signifies power and shakti. The word “Durga” in Sanskrit means “the one who eliminates sufferings.”Actually we believe that there is a Durga in each and every girl of our college. So let us exhibit this power through this beautiful durga vandana.
Anchor 2:What a pious and graceful start of the show: This performance truly signified the real motto of our institution that is women empowerment.
Anchor 1: She gave life.
She is a wife.
She is a mother and she is a friend.
She is a sister a survivor to the end.
Love her and adore her
she is a WOMAN!


This was just a beginning……There are yet more mesmerizing performances to come…
XYZ Sir- Welcome speech
Anchor 1: He is a well known dynamic young educationist,
Anchor 2: motivational speaker
Anchor 1: author of 15 books
Anchor 2: psychological counselor,
Anchor 1: founder of a {Explain His/her Qualities in Brief}
Anchor 2: and winner of numerous awards and titles.
Anchor 1: He is none other than our principal ….I would like to invite [Name Goes Here] on stage for a welcome speech.
Anchor 1: END:Thank you so much sir .We are really fortunate to have your guidance and support with us. Without you all this would not have been possible.
Anchor 2: Thank u thank u and thank u!!
Anchor 1: We feel honored to have with us….. .Sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud by your distinguished work in numerous capacities.A man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas
Anchor 2: An idol of knowledge and experience and inspiration to all of us. we welcome you to please come on stage and fulfill our knowledge with your precious thoughts….
Thank you so much sir.
INTRO Rajasthani Dance
Anchor 1:The colors, designs and swirling robes of Rajasthan have mesmerized Indian and Western women for years. Ghoomar, a traditional folk dance OF RAJASTHAN is not just an act of singing and dancing, but is a symbol of womanhood.
Anchor 2: It is also an inspiration to many fashion pundits. Paying a tribute to…GHOOMER….. here is a performance which will let us all feel the ‘Rajasthani mitti ki khushbu’.so join your hands together for ghoomer.
Anchor 1: What a magical and spellbound performance…The grace and the elegance of our roots can hardly be compared to anything else.
Anchor 2: Yes: That was an incredible performance which completely enthralled the onlookers.

Anchor 1:Lets move forward to yet another scintillating dance form that is semi classical, a dance form which is a combination of classical and Bollywood. our next performance is ……………………………………
Anchor 2: End : .that was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating !!!!!! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music !.
Anchor 2: BRAVE people create opportunities
Anchor 1: and winners are those who convert problems into opportunities.
Anchor 2: Here at [School Name], We not only value the knowledge but also our intellectual capital, and nurture it through a perfect blend, of the traditional as well as contemporary ways and means, for the comprehensive development, of the students’ personality.
Anchor 1: .Now it is the time we acknowledge the talent and intelligence of our brimming students. Its time for the prize distribution ceremony….For this we would like to call upon stage……………..

Anchor 1: Does dancing make you happy? Does it make you feel carefree? Dance to the rhythm of your heart, and you will feel happiness like never before. It does not matter whether you like jazz or waltz, jive or salsa. What matters is that your heart loves to dance…
Anchor 2: Our next dance form is known to be the most beautiful and the most expressive dance form ever which involves various figures, movements and mesmerizing formations which engrosses its audiences to the core…. lets join our hands for the contemporary dance performance…
Anchor 1: End: It was a fabulous performance They have given meaning to every word with their art. Truly justifying the characteristics of a great dancer – Elegance, poise, strength, and agility everything……
Anchor 1:I m still lost in it….
Anchor 2:Well come back now, let’s have a change, lets come back to reality, lets come back to the theater of life…..actually life itself is a drama and we are all artists performing our characters assigned to us by god…..Now it’s time for our next performance i.e. a play “ONE DAY”……
Anchor 1: One day is a play about Kabir, a guy who snubs and ignores every person be his wife or friends…letS see how his life takes a turn and how he gets evolved into a better human being…..
Anchor 2: END: It was an amazing portrayal of human feelings and emotions ….mood took a really serious note.
ANCHOR 1: I have been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at college. They don’t teach you how to love somebody, they don’t teach you how to have feelings, they don’t teach you not to hurt anyone and they don’t tell you went to say sorry and thank you…
Anchor 2:.But here at [School Name] we not only provide you with a professional degree but also we make you a better human being and that is what matters. The [School Name] epitomizes strength, dedication, hard work and success of not one but all those who are associated with it…..our directors, principals, faculty members and of course our students….

Ret ki jarurat har registan ko hoti hai,
Sitaro ki jarurat har aasman ko hoti hai,
Dolat ke chakkar me apne des ko mat bhul jana sathiyo,
Kyoki achhe desbhakt ki jarurt har insan ko hoti hai….
Jai Bharat!!!!


On this independence Day Celebration on 15th August 2015, Share your thoughts and suggestions with us on Independence Day Anchoring in English and Hindi language. You can also request your script as PDF or other file here in your own language like Marathi, Tamil, Assamese, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Urdu or any language you wish. All you have to do is submit your request related to 15 August Anchoring Script in the commenting section and we will forward your script directly in your mail box. Thanks a lot for your visit, “Happy Independence Day 2015″.

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