AIPMT Re-Exam 2015 Latest News & Result Updates (Canceled)

Since the news of Aipmt 2015 Question paper leaked came out, many aspirants have are in situation of huge dilemma. Question is, whether the exam has been cancelled or not, what happen to the AIPMT 2015 exam that took place on 3rd May 2015. Well to answer your every question, we have collected all news and latest updates regarding re-exam decision by CBSE and Hon’able High Court of Delhi.

AIPMT Re-Exam 2015 Latest News & Updates

Latest Update:- 23 June 2015 (11:48 AM):- On the decision of Honorable Supreme court CBSE AIPMT 2015 has been cancelled and Retest schedule will be available soon. CBSE will reschedule all important dates and official AIPMT Re-Exam schedule after cancellation will be available soon. Candidates are advised to stay in touch with official website for new exam dates or keep in touch with us. There will be no change in examination syllabus and pattern There will be no issuance of retest admit card and hall tickets used previously will be applicable.

AIPMT Re Exam Date:- 26th July 2015 (Tentative)


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Hon’able Supreme Court Ordered CBSE, not to declare AIPMT result until 12th June 2015. SC also issued final call to Haryana Police to find out as mush as candidates who are allegedly benefited from answer key.

As the information came in, CBSE has announced on Sat, that AIPMT result will declare on 5 June. In the meantime on Wednesday, SC ordered CBSE not to declare result until 12 June.

According to haryana police spokesperson, so far 12 persons have been arrested in the case and 25 students have been identified as beneficiaries of the alleged racket.

Surely This will will a huge doubt, and transparency presented in AIPMT 2015 is itself in the circle of big question mark. Those candidates who are demanding re-exam are advised to not lose hope until 10 June. The final verdict is still to come which will decided the re conductance of medical exam.

The Hon’able supreme court of India says today that Re-exam can be ordered if investigators provide evidence of paper leak beneficiaries. This means, if it is proven in court that students have used leaked answer key in exam then Supreme court would definitely going to order a reexam.

Justices A K Sikri and Uday U Lalit has ordered investigating teams to identify cheaters for genuine candidates. If that not possible, at least provide some concrete evidence so that judgement would be made as soon as possible.

In the meantime, CBSE has produced the fact that if the examination would be re conducted, it will take another 4 months to complete the whole process.This would led students to go through a huge chaos and the whole academic session would be affected at large.

Some Parents have also demanded re-exam since their children who have worked so hard for all those years would suffer a great loss and their dreams to become a doctor can end up a darkness.

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Till then it is hard to say whether the exam has been cancelled or not. But after the filling of Public Litigation Bill (PIL) by some organisations in Delhi high court, the most expected and probable answer is YES!!!! Unfortunately.

On a hearing on Sat, 23 May, hon’able court has accepted the fact that the paper has been leaked before the commencement of examination. The solution mentioned in leaked answer key had almost matched with the official answer key provided by CBSE itself which clearly shows that the paper has been leaked hours before the aipmt examination was conducted.

Police Involvement:- 4 persons, including 2 dentists and an MBBS student, had been arrested in Rohtak by Haryana police who are allegedly passing on these answer key to some students using some kind of hidden under garment Bluetooth devices. When seized by Haryana police these electronic gadgets were attached with SIM card along with wireless Bluetooth to pass answer directly to students sitting inside examination hall. Police is investing the whole situation and culprits are behind the wall of jail.

High Court Decision:- The Hon’able Judge of Delhi High Court has accepted that facts of paper leaks. The president of a organisation “Seema Dwivedi” sad to court that “The original answer keys uploaded by CBSE have matched with most of the answers of the keys recovered from the accused in AIPMT leak.” Therefore they (on the behalf) of all students are demanding AIPMT Re-Examination.

AIPMT Leak Responded By CBSE:- Earlier, the Central Board of Secondary Education has also accepted the paper leak news pointing towards these are not just rumors. K K Choudhury, Controller of Examination, CBSE said in a press conference “It seems to me that the issue pertains to the use of unfair means and attempt to cheat by certain unscrupulous elements after the commencement of the paper. The Police department of the area (Rohtak) is initiating suitable action as per law.

AIPMT Re-Examination:- The final decision of re-exam will be confirmed after the official announcement by CBSE or Delhi High Court. The whole situation indicating that re-exam announcement will be made real soon. Students are requested to keep in touch with this page and all news and updates will be posted here regarding news schedule and dates of AIPMT 2015. Also stay in touch with official website ( for more information. Share your thoughts and suggestions under the commenting section below. Till then stay with us.


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  1. pleaae tell me about conselling letter .i have not attend any conselling yet.

  2. iam unable to write main exam can i eligible for re exam . i have already paid the fee

  3. Pavitra Hegdekere

    plz anyone whether we r supposed to pay the fee or not??

  4. Pavitra Hegdekere

    wen n how 2 pay the application fee fr the retest??? cn u plz infrm me the date to pay the fee?!

  5. Re exam should be happen

  6. Am agree with sc ….

  7. roopa holeyannavar

    aipmt must be reconducted,so that the canditate who is eligible will get a must be conducted as earlier as possible.

  8. i agree with high court comment……..

  9. Click here to check AIPMT Re test date?

  10. My opinion regarding conducting of AIPMT-Re exam for students
    Re exam should be conducted only for students who have qualified in the current exam or are within cutoff.
    By this no of student reappearing would be less than 40000 or so.
    Conducting exam for them is not a big deal, can be done in next few days.
    This will surely weed out beneficiaries of rigging and establish justice and fairness.

    It is 6 lac students who have appeared for 3000 or so seats, which is indicative of how tough is the selection.
    Now that it is established that there is rigging and leakage of correct answer sheet.
    Also that there are at least 700 beneficiaries of this rigging, numbers may be much more.
    This means over 20% of undeserving candidates may be selected.
    In an exam where at each mark merit falls by 100 s, allowing merit list and admission on the basis of current exam would be grave injustice.

  11. First of all all the culprits including the CBSE officials those who are involved in it must be punished. Becz, without the help of CBSE officials it was not possible. Secondly, the SC should also ensure to form an independent body to conduct such Exams. We are happy to welcome the decision of SC but it should ensure in conducting the exams by fair means.

  12. Re-exam karana must hai….

  13. another chance given to culprits for cheating . worng decession by court .when answer key & omr sheet published by cbse unqualified students want reconduction ye india hai bhai

  14. who want reconduction? only those who had not qualified in aipmt 2015 worng decession by court

  15. But when we will know abt our seat nos.and centers…for the re-exam

  16. Rather, it would have been great, if suspected leaked questions be ignored and rest questions & answers be considered for evaluation. Because, the fire of attending the exam and faith in AIPMT Exam would have drowned to a greater extent in the minds of students, of-course their parents too.

    1. YES, IT SUITS

  17. It WL not b appropriate to conduct re-exam. M quite disappointed at d recent sc’s decision to re-conduct d exam would HV bn better if they reconduct for d states wer Q’s we leaked.

  18. Pmet should be cancelled chahein nikal gya cancel to hona chahiye bichare mere best friends ko mauka milna chahiye…….please it should be held again bhadur sir phirse karao paper late krane ka kya mtlb

  19. SIR ,

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