Janmashtami 2015 Live Telecast From Mathura Vrindavan Dwarka

Krishna Janmashtami is a majorly observed festivals among all Hindus communities around the world. This year in 2015, we are celebrating 5242nd birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Get live telecast updates of Janmashtami 2015 celebration in Mathura (Birth Place of Krishna), Vrindavan (UP) and Dwarka (Gujarat). Here we have posted information on how to watch Krishna Janmashtami Live Telecast on Television or by Online Via YouTube.

Janmashtami 2015 Live Telecast From Mathura Vrindavan Dwarka

How To Watch Janmashtami 2015 Live Telecast

Live From Dwarka:- Kindly tune in to official website of Dwarkadhish after 7:00 pm in the evening prior to 5th Sep. The live telecast will be available on www.dwarkadhish.org. However most of the news channels will also cover the broadcast throughout India.

Live From Vrindavan & Mathura:- Just tune in to Doordarshan National Channel after 8:00 PM in the evening prior to 5th Sep 2015. DD-National will broadcast live telecast of Janmashtami festival and Puja rituals right from the major temples of Vrindavan & Mathura. Below we have embed live DD-1 YouTube Channel so please tuned after 10:00 PM.

Krishna Janmashtami 2015 Schedule:-

Morning Timings Evening Timings Special Darshan Timings @ night.
6.00 AM- Mangala Arti 5.00 PM- Uthapan Darshan 12.00 Midnight – Janmahotsav Arti
6.00 AM to 8.00 AM- Mangala Darshan 5.30-5.45 PM- Uthapan Bhog 2.30 AM – Anosar – Darshan Closed
8.00 AM – Abhishekh Snan [Open Curtain Pooja] 7.30 -7.45 PM- Sandhya Bhog
10.00 AM- Snan Bhoga 7.45 PM- Sandhya Arti
10.30 AM- Shringar Bhoga 8.00-8.10 PM- Shayan Bhog
10.45 AM- Shringar Arti 8.30 PM- Shayan Arti
11.15 AM- Gwal Bhoga 9.00 PM- Shayan – Anosar- Darshan Closed for the Public
12.00 Noon – RAJ BHOGA
12.45 PM to 5.00 PM – Anosar- Darshan Closed for the Public
Updated: September 16, 2015 — 9:08 am


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